What We Do

Residential Design

Our team of professionals is highly imaginative and creative in designing every living room with a unique touch, based on your taste and requirements. We bring you a wide range of beds and color theme to suit all types of bedrooms. Relax and behold a world of your own make.

Office Design

We take complete care of space while designing office spaces, causing a bunch of brilliant people to sit together & take the right decision. Our interior designers can nicely transform huge spaces into a well managed work station area for office.

Commercial Design

A long lasting first impression is possible when contemporary front desks & lobby areas and a clever use of space will make your reception into a stylish environment. The elements of design used in decorating the office space should be a reflection of you.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Choose
  • Sign a Contract.
  • Quality Control

Book an appointment with us! Call us or leave a request for appointment online at Shavin Interiors.

We will send our site-expert to do an initial assessment of your site and help you with the following:

  1. Inform you about Shavin Interiors’ new offering CARE and its benefits
  2. Capture your requirement and analyzing your individual needs
  3. Capture your requirement and analyzing your individual needs.

Our professionals provide you information on layout, design and subsequent costs of the options you have discussed.

Review proposals. Evaluate design, taking into account available spaces, Creatives, thought process, timeline, and overall cost.

We will prepare a work contract on the basis of all our commitment, project deliverables, timeline projections & quality control regulations for your project. Then both parties need to sign it. We maintain maximum professionalism in our business. Our contract is always client friendly.

Customers are most worried about the quality of material they are paying for and nothing less.

A Shavin Interiors Supervisor conducts regular quality checks and informs you about the progress + quality of execution.

We have set regulations for material quality and finishing. We ensure that contractors deliver a good, finished product.

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