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Design Professionals

Our design staff is specialised in interior designing with most of people are above 3 years of experiences. They are capable of understanding your needs and design as per your specifications.

Our Professional Designers steps

  1. Analyse client’s needs, goals, and life safety requirements
  2. Integrate findings with knowledge of interior design
  3. Formulate preliminary design concepts
  4. Develop and presents final design in professional way.
  5. Prepare and administers bids and contract documents as the client’s agent
  6. Review and evaluates design solutions during implementation and upon completion.

Shavin Interiors Proved Success in the global market.

At Shavin Interiors, we know the importance of project planning. That’s why it is our goal to evaluate the true functional needs of the existing facility and understand the entire organizational structure. We will develop functional department space requirements and assess potential expansion requirements.
Our experience ensures that a proposed single facility will accommodate a new program and growth plan. our space planning process maximizes efficiency, creating the most effective organizational configuration and the most functional adjacency requirements.

The Shavin Interiors Advantage

  • Timely delivery of services
  • Professional approach
  • Best available space management.
  • We work with Ethics
  • We reuses old furniture and other assets as it reduces cost to clients.
  • We work according to proper planning.